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It’s that time of year again.  The “Three State Three Mountain” training group will officially start:  Sunday, February 2, at 9am from Victory with a 2 hour small ring ride.  This year riders will have the option  of choosing four routes:  3 State 3 Mountain, 100 miles; 3 State 2 Mountain, 80 Miles; 2 State 1 Mountain, 62 miles and 2 State 0 Mountain, 31 miles.   In conjunction with the Sunday rides which are open to the general public, Victory will offer a training package this year which includes:

The cost of the package is FREE!, and includes the 3 private clinics, additional savings on components needed for the big day, and the pleasure of joining the Victory crew for complimentary drinks and appetizers Friday night, before the event!

Event information: 


We are proud to introduce the newest brand offering at Victory. Check out the 2014 line-up!

Watch Nathan lose the nasty-stache and come back to reality!

Check out the new IceDot crash sensor and wristband!

And, for the back of the house, here are the top 5 things that Robert HATES to hear.

We made this compilation of the top 5 things that Clark HATES to hear. Pardon the editing….but damn, you get the picture!

Check out the 2013 Orbea Orca SLT! Full Carbon and Full of that sweet Spanish love!

Check out the hottest road shoe on the market! Dayum! These are SICK!!

While watching the coverage of the recent 2012 Cyclocross National Championships, we heard that a pit crew mechanic changed a riders broken shifter – all over the course of just 1 lap (6 minutes). We decided to simulate the same conditions with 30 degree weather and a constant spray of water….and a random air-horn – all while RT does the mechanic work. Check it.

Custom Moldable Insoles for $85! We mold them while you wait.

We were told that the Squoval downtube on a Cervelo is so strong, that you can ride one WITHOUT the seat stays.

FULL Sram 10 speed Apex Groupset, Hydroformed Aluminum Frame, Carbon Fork, Carbon Seatpost – a ton of bike for just $1,399!!

 A FULL carbon fiber bike with FULL Sram Apex Group for $1,899! Ohh yeah, and this one has a LIFETIME WARRANTY! Dig That!

We were told that even with the already paper thin seat stays on the Cervelo RS, you can chop them off and still ride the bike. We heard this, and instantly saw it as a challenge. Check it out!

Check out OUR part in the upcoming London Olympics!

Check out the latest glasses by Smith Optics. Designed by cyclists, for cyclists.

Victory Bicycle Studio interviews the current Junior National Champion. Follow Alexey @

Clark gives Davis crap about how riding a unicycle is dorky. Davis comes through, and delivers.

Check out the Koala Bottle – The first magnetic hydration system

If you love the road you’re sure to love freedom. We offer you a line of bikes and we’re sure you’ll find the one for you among them: the bike that’ll carry you as far as your imagination wants to go. Do you want freedom?

Let us show you the difference between a standard road bike, and a Womens Specific road bike.

Check out the 2012 Orbea Aqua Dama – Womens Specific Road Bike

Check out the new Shimano TR52 Tri Shoe

Check out the best bike deal going right now! Full Carbon Tri bike for $2,499.

RS Tri Tank Overview

With zip-off sleeves, and plenty of pockets, this cycling jacket from Sugoi offers plenty of versatility. The jacket is made with Sugoi’s MicroFine fabric, which offers a comfortable balance between breathability and water-resistance. Two zippered pockets on the front and one on the back offer ample storage. The relaxed-fit design and a back vent help provide exceptional comfort.

Check out how much flex takes place in the bottom bracket when there is NO quality control in the manufacturing process.

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