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It’s that time of year again.  The “Three State Three Mountain” training group will officially start:  Sunday, February 2, at 9am from Victory with a 2 hour small ring ride.  This year riders will have the option  of choosing four routes:  3 State 3 Mountain, 100 miles; 3 State 2 Mountain, 80 Miles; 2 State 1 Mountain, 62 miles and 2 State 0 Mountain, 31 miles.   In conjunction with the Sunday rides which are open to the general public, Victory will offer a training package this year which includes:

The cost of the package is FREE!, and includes the 3 private clinics, additional savings on components needed for the big day, and the pleasure of joining the Victory crew for complimentary drinks and appetizers Friday night, before the event!

Event information: 


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