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In-store spin classes have been suspended due to Covid 19. Please see the Training tab for our online classes starting March 2021

To call these classes “spin” classes would be a gross understatement. Modeled after the demands of a rigorous ride or race, these one-hour, heart-rate based classes are designed to produce fitness that translates to outdoor riding. While each trainer class offers a different workout, they are aimed at increasing your overall endurance, speed, and technique. Additionally, this variety exposes your body to different stresses that ultimately result in a more fit, well-rounded cyclist. These classes aren’t taught by spandex-clad instructors with microphones. They’re taught by endurance coaches with years of competitive experience. 

After signing up, you will undergo a heart-rate stress test to ensure the maximal personal optimization of each class. Additionally, you’ll be provided with a trainer, a trainer mat, a fresh towel, and choice tunes. Just bring your bike and a water bottle, we’ll cover the rest. Regardless of if you’re a morning person or you enjoy your sleep, we have a class for you. All classes, which take place at The Studio, are limited to twelve participants and require a monthly commitment.