Victory Bicycle Studio » Adam Kaluzny

With athletics always part of his life as a child, Adam participated and excelled in team sports. In 2002 a friend convinced him to train and run a 4 mile race with him. Quickly, a passion for running was discovered. Soon after, he was hitting the Memphis racing scene competing in 5k’s and 10k’s. Feeling confident, it wasn’t long until Adam progressed to half and full marathons. Fortunately, this led to new friends and those new friends introduced triathlons! BOOM! Another passion was found. Needing a better understanding of bike mechanics, he began volunteering at Revolutions Bicycle CoOp. After spending most free Saturday and Sunday’s at the co-op, he eventually built his first tri-bike! What an amazing sense of accomplishment! Soon after, he was competing in local triathlons, often placing in overalls and / or my age group! In 2014, he was asked to join the Los Locos Racing Team. Today, he continues to train, race, and compete.