Victory Bicycle Studio » Clark Butcher

They say the first step to addressing addiction is admitting you have a problem. Clark will be the first to tell you he is addicted to endurance athletics. He got his start with running at the age of seven he is yet to stop. After running for a few years, Clark’s competitive endeavors led him to triathlon where he naturally excelled in cycling. By the time he was sixteen, Clark achieved the distinction of category two cyclist. Pursuing racing full time, “Grizzwald” completed in events such as the Junior World Cup in Canada, National Championships, and professional caliber events throughout the country. These efforts culminated in 2002 when Butcher spent a summer racing throughout Europe with the German National Team. 

What makes Victory’s sole owner unique is his combination of years spent competing, background in physiology/endurance coaching, and industry experience. Making Victory Bicycle Studio a place where someone with his knowledge of the cycling world would want to hang out is more than a job for Clark, it’s his passion. Whether it’s training for his next hundred-mile mountain bike race, winning the Watkins sprint on the Victory Sunday ride, or working to help a first time cyclist lose weight, Clark Butcher is a man who has made cycling his life.